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Below are few of Our Most Loved and Appreciated Services.


Fitness Consultancy

Be the better version of YOU in your own style! Get personalized and tailored Nutrition plan and workout schedule that suits your Goal. We have individual as well as couple goal packages.

QNTS Fitness Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

Special Course designed specifically to help you be in peace. 


Personal Training

Scale up your fitness journey with special assistance of our highly qualified and experienced Coaches. We provide both offline PT at our gym as well as online PT that you can avail from the comfort of your home.

Get the gear that never gives up!

Our Best Offline Services, designed to address all your needs and help you achieve your Goal in the best Possible Way.

What our clients say

Dieting and workout sessions have become practical, scientific, understandable and fun only because of Durgesh Sir and Kunal Sir..I am eating gulit free food items for the first time in my life..Both of my trainers have changed my perception about diet and work outs..Hope I will make them proud by trimming down..​
Ipsita Mishra
Enrolled in Fitness Consultancy and Online Personal Training
I appreciate the amount of time and effort you’ve spent to plan an apt schedule for me. As this type of routine is all new to me and that to you are supporting me to do my best. Thank you so much kunal.
Madhu ku. Aanand
Enrolled in Strength Training at Fitness Arena
QNTS is one of the better fitness clubs we have in our country considering their approach to health. Durgesh and his team have charted out customised and achievable plans for people from all walks of life. Some of the norm breakers include their diet plans, the emphasis on weight training and importance given to resistance training. Durgesh also adds that extra edge with his scientific approach. Overall a great deal for health make-over.
Vishal Govindhari
Enrolled in Fitness Consultancy, Strength Training at Fitness Arena, and Online Personal Training

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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QNTS Services
We offer unique, tailored and personalized services to suit your fitness goals.

Transformation Journey can be challenging. Thereby, our coaches will constantly motivate and inspire you to focus and never let you give up until you achieve your Fitness goal.

Our focus is not just to reduce number on weighing scale. We ensure your entire body composition improvement, good health and good lifestyle!

Our Coaches stay in touch with you on a regular basis and keep modifying your Diet and Workout Plan by monitoring body fat Percentage, Inch loss, Body’s response to your plan, Improvement in energy levels, Improvement in Medical Issues and others.