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Consultancy Individual – Quarterly
8,999.00 every 3 months
Consultancy Individual – Half Yearly
15,999.00 every 6 months
Consultancy Individual – Yearly
27,999.00 / year


  QNTS Fitness-Nutrition Consultancy: The best way to lose/gain Fat is to improve your body Metabolism. Our body is a perfect machine, i.e. you give it some fuel(food) as input to operate and it gives an output for supporting you with your daily activities. This is what is referred to as Body Metabolism. Hence, if we can monitor the fuel that we intake i.e. quantify our daily food intake, we can improve our Metabolism to achieve the level of fitness as per the goal of the individual.
Benefits of Quantified Nutrition:
  • Improved body metabolism
  • Improved levels of Body Hormones- which helps in keeping all lifestyle disorders(Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, etc.) at check.
  • Improved body energy level
  • Eating well makes you feel positive.
  • Gradual weight loss is the actual healthy approach for the body. Not instant weight loss/gain which could cause serious damage to our metabolism.
Why Choose us?
  • We follow the approach of Quantified Nutrition which is not to be confused with Keto or Low Carb Diet or Intermittent fasting or Crash Diet. We simply help you, monitor/calculate your daily fat intake as per your body’s requirements.
  • The completely scientific approach for Fat loss/gain.
  • A complete No-No to boiled food and salad only diet.
  • Weekly tracking your body’s response.
  • Daily assistance to your queries regarding the process.
  • Our coaches provide constant motivation to keep you on track and support you until the end of your fitness journey.
  • You have a good learning experience as well which helps you monitor your health lifelong, by the end of your package.


Most frequent questions and answers

QNTS Fitness Consultancy is a pure online service. Coach allocation, Diet plan and Progress tracking will happen over any Online platform as per your preference.

Offline meet with Coach is not at all necessary. The Coach will track your progress online itself by considering various parameters and gathering your health-related data. However, if you are located in Bhubaneswar and is interested to have a talk with our Coach offline, you can for sure pay a visit to QNTS Fitness Arena by making prior appointment.

In order to achieve the best results in your transformation journey, we would always recommend you to have a reasonable amount of physical activity/exercise in your day to day routine. If Gym is not accessible at your location, home workout can also help. Your coach will provide you a training roster accordingly. Also, it’s not compulsory to join QNTS Fitness Arena. You can join any Gym of your choice.

There will be no compulsion to consume any particular supplement. Our Diet plan mainly focuses on fulfilling nutrition requirements through Whole food items. If you are already consuming any supplement, your diet plan will be designed accordingly.

One single approach never holds good for all individuals. We follow a pure scientific approach to prepare personalised Diet plans as per your Goal, health, medical condition, body type and requirement.

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